Local specialties in the Cinque Terre

24 thoughts on “Local specialties in the Cinque Terre”

  1. This is now my favorite post of your so far. FOOD! Sorry I jumped the gun and suggested you make a piece about food in CT, when clearly you have already done an amazing job with this one. Wow, I think we’ll gain a whle bunch of weight next month when we stay there!

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  2. Hi, thank you so much for your site. Do you know if any bakeries sell farinata in CT without dairy/eggs, but with vegetable toppings?


    1. Ciao Liz!

      Farinata is made simply of garbanza bean flour, salt, water and olive oil so it fits your dairy/egg-free needs. As for the toppings, that will depend on what you are wanting. You’ll want to avoid pesto (as it will have cheese in it) but with onions, zucchini or bianchetti (little teeny-tiny fish) would be fine for you. You’ll want to go to the focaccerie (places that sell focaccia) as they are the ones that will usually have farinata. 🙂



      1. Wonderful Amy! Zucchini it is — I know it’s ridiculous a vegan is visiting an area known for its pesto & fresh fish. I so appreciate your advice!

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      2. P.S. In Riomaggiore you can find farinata with zucchini at “Fugassa & Faina” towards the top of the main street of Riomaggiore (via Colombo). They have a little green awning with orange writing. Be sure to have them put it in the oven as it tastes best hot! 🙂


      3. Awesome, I’m excited to try this place out. I wasn’t sure if the Primo Piatto offered dried pasta anyway as a takeout option, so now we can count on this place. Grazie!!


  3. Do you have any information about the ferry in CT? We are staying in Monterosso and would like to hike as far as possible then take the ferry back. The schedules I have seen stop in early September and we won’t be there until the end. I am also wondering if we should make the time to take a ferry to Portofino too.


    1. Ciao Kathryn!

      The ferry schedule you are seeking has not been released yet. Not to worry, the ferries run up until the “Tutti i Santi” holiday (November 1st). The Portofino ferry day trip is usually only for the summer months so it might not be happening when you are here. Not to worry… you can still visit Portofino by taking the train to Santa Margherita Ligure and then the bus to Portofino.

      I keep the blog up-to-date so once the new schedule is available you’ll find it posted under the transport tab on the main page. 🙂



      1. Thank you Amy. Yes, I have found the ferry schedules are not yet post beyond September 6. I will check back with your website for an update. I think I will play-it-by ear re: Portofino. We are packing a lot in and I don’t want to take away from our visit to Cinque Terre which is only 3 days. Our plan is to leave our rental car in La Spezia but I was unable to make a parking reservation on-line as it required a license plate number. Hopefully we won’t have a problem once we get there.


      2. Ciao Kathryn!

        I recommend entering in your license plate number as all Xs (as it’s a given that with a rental car you won’t know your license plate number in advance). 😉 The guests that have done this little trick haven’t had any problems.

        Most sincerely,


  4. Hi Amy, do you have a list of genuine nice Italian restaurants in the 5 towns, we are staying in Riomaggiore from 9th September and would like to eat at a number of local outdoor restaurants.


    1. Ciao Brian!

      In Riomaggiore I recommend:

      Dau Cila
      Rio Bistrot
      Ripa del Sole

      In Manarola I recommend:

      Trattoria dal Billy

      In Monterosso you’ll find the highly acclaimed (and pricey) Ristorante da Miky.

      I definitely recommend reserving in advance and ask for a table outdoors/with a view (if available).



  5. The Bakery opposite your office is AMAZING. And Rio Bistrot is our favourite place in Riomaggiore to eat (and offhand where we got engaged). Trattoria dal Billy is a great place for recovery post Beccara trail.

    Do you know an enoteca that would be amenable to selling and posting Sciacchetrà overseas? I think the one on the harbour (under Rio Bistrot does but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it).


    1. Ciao Heath!

      Please pardon the delayed reply! We just got back to Italy from our annual vacation.

      Congrats on your engagement! So exciting.

      The enoteca beneath Rio Bistrot is called “I Trogi” and their phone number is (+39) 0187 182 2812. It’s actually owned by the same people that own Rio Bistrot and Dau Cila (they have quite the monopoly in the marina 😉). They are currently closed for the off-season but I’m sure when they are open they can arrange to ship you some Sciacchetrà. 😊👍

      Take care!

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