Transport in the Cinque Terre

4 thoughts on “Transport in the Cinque Terre”

  1. Dear Amy,
    Thank you very much for your information.
    I am planning to visit Cinque Terra on the end of August, but I have problems with my feet/legs. I can stay/walk but not for long. Here in The Netherlands I use a kind of small bike (we call it walking -bike) with foldable pedels. My questions for you:
    1) Could you tell me whether those bikes and wheelchairs are allowed on Via dell` Amore and in the trains?
    2) Which part of Via dell’ amore is not (or less) steep, between which cities? (Hopefully with less stairs or with pad next to the steps so I can use my walkbike)
    3) I’ve red your wheelchair tip for Riomaggiore, do you have another tips for me?
    Greetings from Lea


    1. Ciao Lea!

      Thanks for reading the blog. Unfortunately the Cinque Terre is anything but wheelchair/walking impaired-friendly. Because of the unique geography here, there are steep inclines and stairs just about everywhere. In Riomaggiore you would be fine on the panoramic loop around the village (there’s a post about it here in the blog), but the last descent is quite steep so you’d probably want some assistance. Unfortunately the Via dell’Amore is closed and isn’t expected to open until 2021. You’d be fine on the seafront promenade in Monterosso and there’s also another great alternative for you in Levanto (one stop on the train north of Monterosso) where there’s a lovely (plus paved and flat) walk to Bonassola and Framura. The path utilizes converted train tunnels that are now solely dedicated to pedestrians and bicyclists.

      I hope this helps!



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