Cinque Terre ferry timetables & tips

3 thoughts on “Cinque Terre ferry timetables & tips”

  1. Hello. I’ve been combing through your blog for a week or two. But I don’t find where to ask a question to be very clear, so I’ll just put it here. My cousin and I will be in CT between Oct 28-31. I’m interested in hiking, of course, but also wondering about the ferries. You recently published a new ferry schedule for some time ending in early October (can’t see it at the moment but I think it’s up through October 4th). But,I’m wondering if, typically, ferries run along the CT and down to Porto Venere to later dates, such as ours.


    1. Ciao Joann!

      Thanks for following the blog! Unfortunately, the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico 5 Terre (that runs the Cinque Terre ferries) is lagging at the moment in releasing the current schedule (either by print or online). Believe it or not, I don’t even have a schedule to provide for my guests at the moment! But, I can tell you that the ferries are scheduled to run up until November 1st or 2nd (as November 1st is a national holiday in Italy). After that they will stop until next year. However, keep in mind that the schedules will be much more limited than the normal, summer ones and that weather and sea conditions will determine if the ferries will be running (for example, today we have rough seas so they aren’t running).

      Enjoy your time here in Cinque Terre!



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