SciaccheTrail: The success of a grass roots vision

On March 29, 2015, emotions ran high while 200 ultra trail runners raced through the Cinque Terre for the first ever SciaccheTrail marathon (which I talked about here).  The weather was absolutely perfect that Sunday;  after days of variable weather, the sun shining down on the runners seemed to denote Mother Nature’s approval.

SciaccheTrail was a grass roots success.  Complimenti to those who had the vision, dedication and desire to turn a dream into a reality.   It’s always heartwarming to see a community band together for a mutual cause, and the SciaccheTrail was no exception.  It is our hope that the marathon will become a proud annual tradition in the Cinque Terre.

And it wasn’t just locals that were inspired by the race.

“The spirit of the Cinque Terre humbled me and it became clear that this event wasn’t just another line on my race schedule, it was an arrow through the very heart of why I run.”  –Sally McRae

I don’t think a more flattering compliment could have been paid.

Bravi, ragazzi! 

3 thoughts on “SciaccheTrail: The success of a grass roots vision

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