Cinque Terre National Park guided hiking & walking tours: August 1-31, 2015

The guided tours & excursions are just €2.50 per person (which is a steal!) or free for those that have purchased the Cinque Terre Card.  If you are interested in booking a spot, be sure to send an email in advance to:



6 thoughts on “Cinque Terre National Park guided hiking & walking tours: August 1-31, 2015

  1. Hello,
    We are coming from Denmark to Cinque Terra in September 2015. Do you know if there then will be any guided walkingtours?
    Best regards


    • Ciao Jette!

      There most definitely will be guided hiking & walking tours offered by the national park in September. However, they don’t release the schedule until essentially the 1st of each month (sometimes a day or two sooner, sometimes a day or two later) for that particular month. Stay tuned here and as soon as they send me the schedule I will post it. 🙂

      Most sincerely,


  2. Hello. We are coming in mid October to Santa Margherita to visit Cinque Terre and Portofino. We currently have a hotel in Santa Margherita – do you think it would be better to stay in one of the 5 towns instead or is Santa Margherita and ok base? We arrive into Genova on 10/19 and have three nights in this area.
    Thank you


    • Ciao Jan!

      Thanks for reading. Santa Margherita is about an hour by train from the Cinque Terre. So long as you don’t mind going back and forth (and using two hours of your day to “commute”) then I think you’d be fine to base yourselves there. If you decide that you’d like to cut out the back & forth then I would recommend Monterosso as they have the most hotels (if that’s the sort of stay you are seeking).



      • Thank You.

        We are scheduled to stay at the Grand Miramare in Santa Margherita but I may look at the other options.
        Assume we could easily get from the airport to one of the Cinque Terre towns.
        Guess we could do Santa Margherita and Portifino and just have the “commute” that direction.


      • Ciao again,

        The Cinque Terre are on the same railway line as Santa Margherita Ligure, just further south. I would base myself wherever I thought I’d be spending more time (whether that be Santa Margherita/Portofino or the Cinque Terre). 🙂



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