Travel Tip: Don’t make this expensive mistake on the trains

6 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Don’t make this expensive mistake on the trains”

  1. Hi, Just came back from Cinque Terre and had the bad experience with ticket validation. We bought tickets at the station and the lady told us that our train is already waiting. She didn’t mention to validate the tickets. There was also no information about it at her desk. We ran to the train and than met the controller. Very unpleasent start of holidays in Italy ( we were nine and he wanted 50 Euro from each of us). He spoke only few words in English. Just enough to show us that at the backs of our tickets was imprinted information about it ( who has the time to read it while visiting Cinque Terre ). Fortunately some lady from Cinque Terre organisation saved us. This procedure looks like it’s ment to fine tourists and it ruined my first impression of Italy.


    1. Thanks for writing. I can absolutely understand why this would start things off on the wrong foot. I’m happy to hear that someone was able to step in to help you (and it sounds like you were able to avoid the hefty fine).



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