Cinque Terre National Park guided hiking & walking tours: September 1-30, 2015

Hello, September!  One of my favorite months in the Cinque Terre.  If you’re visiting the area this month, here’s the most recent schedule for the Cinque Terre National Park’s guided tours & excursions:



10 thoughts on “Cinque Terre National Park guided hiking & walking tours: September 1-30, 2015

  1. Can you confirm that trail #2, Via dell’Armore, from Riomaggiore to Manarola will be open in May 2016? Is this segment of the trail free or is there a fee to hike this part only? Mille Grazie!


  2. I will also be walking the Cinque Terre this year. I assume the top path between Riomaggiore & Manarola will still be open? Last time I was there we caught a bus up to the top path.


    • Ciao Jane!

      Trail #531 (called the Beccara by locals) that connects Riomaggiore & Manarola by going up & over the mountain that divides the two villages is open. However, you mentioned a bus taking you to the path which puzzles me? Perhaps you took a bus to the upper road (where cars pass) and then walked along the road? Please provide more details. Grazie!



      • My apologies Amy – the bus belonged to the Parks Department in the town of Manarola not Riomaggiore. The top path leads to Corniglia and this is a better way to walk as it’s downhill all the way. Heading from Corniglia to Manarola is far more strenuous. I think they charged about one euro to take us to the top walk path. Is there a top path to link Manarola and Riomaggiore or will it be impossible to walk any of that section? Jane


      • Ciao Jane!

        Ok, thanks for clarifying… that makes more sense now. 🙂 The path from Volastra to Corniglia is currently open so it’s no problem to catch a bus from Manarola to Volastra and then walk to Corniglia.

        The Beccara trail that I mentioned previously (that connects Riomaggiore and Manarola) takes about an hour to hike but it’s quite strenuous.

        Hope that helps!

        Most sincerely,


  3. Thanks Amy. We’re both pretty fit so we’ll take the mountain route! At least there will be a lovely view to look at when we stop to catch our breath!


  4. thank u for your generosity with advice and help.
    we would like to walk the trail (backpacks not going back…), we have more then a week end of July. do we have to book hotels in advance? usually how long dose it take from one village to the other?


    • Ciao Debbie!

      Thanks for reading. I *definitely* recommend booking accommodations in advance.

      Estimated hiking times are as follows:

      Monterosso to Vernazza (on the coastal trail): 2 hours

      Vernazza to Corniglia (on the coastal trail): 1 1/2 hours

      Corniglia to Manarola (via the alternate trail through Volastra): 2 to 2 1/2 hours

      Manarola to Riomaggiore (via the alternate Beccara trail): 1 (very intense!) hour

      I hope this info helps!


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