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Happy October!  See below for the new schedule of the Cinque Terre National Park guided walking tours (of the villages) as well as hiking excursions (on the trails).  To book your spot (required) send an email to or ring +39 0187 743 500.


4 thoughts on “Cinque Terre National Park guided hiking & walking tours: October 1-18, 2015

  1. Cindy says:

    Are there guided walking tours the last week of April 2016?


    1. Ciao Cindy!

      There most definitely should be. However, they usually release the schedule just a day or two before the month in question begins. Keep an eye on the blog as I will post the schedule as soon as it is released! 🙂



      1. Cindy Wilson says:

        Hi Amy, we are a group of 14 photographers visiting the week of April 25. I did not see anything that week on the park page. Do you know of any tours that week?
        Thank you, Cindy


      2. Ciao Cindy!

        You’re going to love it here! I think it’s impossible to take a bad photo in such a picturesque place. 🙂

        This month there are only three scheduled dates for guided excursions, one being on April 23rd. If you aren’t arriving until the 25th you might want to check out Pall through

        Take care and thanks for reading!



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