PARKING: A great alternative for those driving to the Cinque Terre

11 thoughts on “PARKING: A great alternative for those driving to the Cinque Terre”

  1. Hi Amy, your website is so helpful! I have learned so much. I have a question and I hope you can help. We’re heading to Italy in 4 weeks (2 adults, 2 boys 5 and 3yrs old) for a wedding in Oriveto. We’re renting a car because we’re driving from Milan to Parma, then wedding weekend in Oriveto. On Sunday, we’re thinking of driving to Pisa from Oriveto, stopping by the leaning tower in Pisa (only because our son really wants to see it), then going from Pisa to Cinque Terre. We want to leave our car before we head to CT, we haven’t decided where to stay yet but Monterosso seems to be the most family friendly. So would you suggest leaving the car at La Spezia Centrale and train it to Monterosso. Or could we drive to Monterosso and leave it there. We’re not interested in driving thru winding roads or trying to figure out things. Since we only have 2 days at CT and have kids with us, we want it to be as easy and relaxing as possible. After CT, we will be heading to Milan for a day and fly back to NY. Or would you even recommend staying at Portovenere and just take a ferry to visit CT. Thank you so much for your advice. First time to all these places.


    1. Ciao Dina!

      Since you’re traveling with two little ones I’d definitely recommend Monterosso over Portovenere (Portovenere has the teeniest little stretch of sandy beach whereas Monterosso has lots of sandy beach to offer). You can actually drive directly to Monterosso (your best bet will be to book a place that offers parking). The important thing if you want to drive to Monterosso is do NOT exit the autostrada in La Spezia (that’s the exit if you want to go to the other four villages). You’ll actually stay on the autostrada a bit longer and take the Carrodano/Levanto exit.

      Enjoy your time spent here!



  2. Amy…I’m wondering if you can help me. I will be heading to Monterosso on June 21 and planned on parking in the La Spezia Centrale garage like you suggested. (THANK you so much for all your amazing tips!) Unfortunately I cannot log in and have tried everything…I made the account following the directions online but for some reason I cannot log in. I called customer service but there is no English option:( Really want to reserve a space for June 21 and 22 and not sure where to go from here. Any ideas for me?
    PS…I am currently reading Beautiful Ruins and am in love. ❤


      1. Yes I did and they said an account already exists. When I try to log in nothing happens and I’m not sure who I can contact to help. Thanks for responding Amy!


      2. Ciao Melissa!

        Please pardon the delayed reply… we had a long holiday weekend and I was only able to speak with someone at the office that runs the parking garage today. I was told you’ll need to contact them directly at and they will fix the bug for you. More than likely there was either a probem with your “codice fiscale” or with your password (which has to be at least 8 characters including at least one special character and one number). Anyway, no harm done… contact them and they should be able to straighten it out for you! 🙂

        Hope that helps,


      3. Amy you are so so kind to help me. She was a doll and activated my account but there are no spaces left to reserve. Since I’m arriving on a Wednesday she said more than likely there will be spaces but I need a back up plan if the lot is full. Can you suggest anything? And how can I thank you for your help? Can I bring you anything from Raleigh North Carolina?

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      4. Ciao Melissa!

        You are so sweet! I’m happy to be of help.

        How early are you planning to arrive that day? I’d say the earlier you are the better your chances of getting a spot! Don’t forget that without a reservation there are actually two garages to check there at the station (the -1 level and the -2 level) as they have separate entrances (-1 is on via Paleocapa and -2 is on via Fiume).

        If both levels are full, you can queue and wait a bit to see if a car exits.

        If you want to have a Plan B, there’s another payment garage located on via 24 maggio at Piazzale Kennedy (it’s run by ATC like the other garage). The parking there is cheaper (50 cents an hour) but you’ll need to take a taxi to and from the parking garage to the station. There’s a cab lineup in front of the hospital which is a block away.

        I hope this helps!

        Take care,


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