The reopening of the coastal road between Riomaggiore & Manarola 

Photo of the slide before works commenced. Photo credit: Eugenio Rollandi

As of yesterday (Sunday, June 26, 2016) the coastal road (a.k.a. Litoranea or SP 370) has reopened following the June 13th landslide.

The road closure had not only inconvenienced visitors trying to reach the villages beyond Riomaggiore by car, it also isolated residents (especially those living in the hilltop villages without railway access).  Volunteers from the villages of Manarola, Groppo & Volastra banded together to clear a trail to circumvent the slide and allow safe passage on foot whilst the works to clear the debris were underway.

At the moment, only one lane of the road is open in the area where the slide occurred but delays in passage are minimal.

June 27, 2016: Current situation at the site of the slide.

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