Explora: The new transport option to discover the Cinque Terre

8 thoughts on “Explora: The new transport option to discover the Cinque Terre”

  1. I did try to look up the Explora bus website but (maybe because it was so very new) I couldn’t really find the bus schedules here, what the prices meant exactly etc. Your superb article about it came just about a week too late I guess, so in the end we simply took the train. But for a next time it’ll be on our list (as it also runs late at night it is a good choice for photographers wanting to catch a nice sunset).


  2. Do you think this will be the best form of transportation to visit Cinque Terre in May 2017? I’ve been baffled by the choices, and would like to do it on our own since my husband is a good researcher, finding interesting facts about the area. It seems we could spend our own time better – choosing to spend more time on dining perhaps or just getting that perfect photo, or maybe if we are lucky, meeting someone and chatting.


    1. Ciao Elizabeth!

      At the moment I think this is an *excellent* transport option. It’s still not too popular (due to lack of funds in marketing) so you’ll avoid crowds and be able to get off the beaten path (and in contact with locals who aren’t used to hordes of tourists coming through). It’s quite panoramic… second only to the ferries (with their views from the water). If you can’t tell, I highly recommend it.

      I hope this info helps!



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