The 2018 payment parking situation in Riomaggiore 

11 thoughts on “The 2018 payment parking situation in Riomaggiore ”

      1. Thanks, will wait on suggestions. You are free to email me as well with insight that might make it easier. Will park for 2 days. Did read some visitors had luck paying less for private parking.


      2. Thank you for the useful, detailed, pictures included information. One thing reviews, blogs,recommendations have not addressed. Which I take as a positive. How safe are the vehicles from vandalism and burglary?



      3. Ciao John!

        In the 14 years of living here, I’ve only once heard of vandalism occurring on cars parked along the road. Of course, that’s not to say that it *can’t* happen, just that it’s highly unlikely. I think you are more likely to be dinged by a passing car with an inattentive driver than be the victim of vandalism or burglary. Of course, common sense says not to leave any valuables in sight.



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