Side-by-side comparison of beaches in the Cinque Terre

16 thoughts on “Side-by-side comparison of beaches in the Cinque Terre”

  1. Thank you so much for this awesome blog post! We’re going to Cinque Terre this fall and it was super helpful. Love the first photo looking down at Riomaggiore – it looks like this might be a fun hike? Would you mind sharing how to get up there and enjoy the view?

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    1. Ciao Kat!

      So glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. 🙂

      That picture was taken from the side of the road that leads to Riomaggiore. To get the same shot you’ll have to jump the guardrail (which, I won’t lie, is a little scary!).

      You can enjoy similar views (and cocktails!) at a bar further up the road (it’s called “Sole a 180*”). You can hike there (take the trail next to the cemetery) and if it’s dark for the return trip you can call Luciana or Marzio at 5 Terre Transfer for a ride. 🙂



  2. WOW! awesome information we are visiting for the first time in June with three tweenage children and this has been by far the best information comparing the 5 villages and the beaches. Thank you so much!!!


    1. Yes! You’ll find a shower in the section of public beach beneath Porto Roca on the historical side of Monterosso. Also, the private portions of the beach in Fegina (the newer side of Monterosso) have showers available for their paying guests.

      I hope this info. helps!



  3. Hello cinque terre Insider!
    I have been surfing online for more information about Monterosso’s beach resort. And I found your post to be the most helpful of them all. My family and I are planning to go end of June to Monterosso from Florence for just one day to swim and enjoy the scenery. But the number of chairs are limited on the beach and the resort is not very big (from what I can see from the pictures). It’s hard to estimate but at what time should we be at Monterosso so we can find at least 3 vacant chairs? Thank you very much.


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