Migliarina station: Plan B parking in La Spezia

8 thoughts on “Migliarina station: Plan B parking in La Spezia”

  1. Hi Amy, thank you for all the info you are sharing. Very helpfull!
    In this blog you point out that you can’t buy a cinque terre train card on this station. But will you be able to use the card from this station, if you have bought it online already?
    Thanks for your answer!


    1. Ciao Linda!

      The Cinque Terre Card includes travel from La Spezia Centrale, not La Spezia Migliarina. If you have the Cinque Terre Card you’ll still need to buy a ticket from La Spezia Migliarina to La Spezia Centrale.

      Thanks for following!



  2. Hi Amy! You’re amazing. Thanks so much for all your tips, we’ve just parked at La Spezia Migliarina and got one of the last free spots in the car park. So far so good ☺️ will be checking out all the beaches you wrote about throughout the day x


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