Planning to use your drone in the Cinque Terre? You’d better think twice

2 thoughts on “Planning to use your drone in the Cinque Terre? You’d better think twice”

  1. We were planning a trip for next year and one of the major reasons I wanted to visit this area was so I could capture video/photos of its beauty with my drone. I had planned on flying out over the water and not over the towns themselves. 1. Is only flying over the building the issue or flying at all? 2.) If I cannot fly at all, then it’s a big enough deal to us that we’ll probably pass on the Cinque Terre and extend our stay in Tuscany instead.

    What are your thoughts?


    1. Ciao Aaron,

      Italy is a land of a gazillion laws. So many, in fact, that it seems like Italians pick and choose which ones they want to abide by. Jokes aside, if you were to follow Italian law 100% you wouldn’t be okay to use your drone in Tuscany, either (as you’d need to have authorization from ENAC and this is a *national* requirement, so all throughout Italy). The only extra hoop to jump through to legally fly your drone in the Cinque Terre versus elsewhere in Italy is that you’ll also need authorization from the national park (which I imagine is a cinch compared to ENAC).

      With all that said, I think you’d have to be quite unlucky (or just oblivious) to be cited and have your drone confiscated. There have been three incidents where this has happened so far this year and I’m guessing at least a thousand drone flights, so the odds are in your favor. If you plan to fly outside of the village centers your chances of being cited are even slimmer.

      I do, however, think it’s important for people bringing drones to know the local laws so they can make their own judgement calls (hence my blog post on the subject).

      I hope this info helps!



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