A shopper’s delight, today marks the start of Italian “saldi”

While the S word that all travelers in Italy should know is sciopero, the S word that all shoppers in Italy should know is saldi.

Saldi are the end-of-season sales in Italy and they happen twice a year: starting in January after the holidays and again in July. The start and end dates of the saldi are tightly regulated by the government (and vary from region to region).  This year all Italian regions will start the summer sales on July 1st. That means today. Rejoice!

Some things you should know about the saldi:

  • By law, merchants are required to have the original price, discounted price and discount percentage all visible on the product’s price ticket.
  • Also by law, merchants are required to clearly mark and separate their discounted saldi stock from their full price stock (e.g. new collection).
  • Most shops start with small discounts (like 10-20%) at the beginning of the sales and work their way up to as much as 70% by the end of the sales.  Of course, it’s a bit of a gamble waiting as the longer the sales go on the less selection to choose from (but on the flip side, if you do find something you can get an amazing deal!).

Saldi end dates vary by region, so to help you out I’ve made a list of popular travel destinations, including the name of the region they are located in, and the last day for their sales:

  • Rome (and the entire Lazio region): August 12th
  • Genoa, Portofino, La Spezia, Cinque Terre* (and the remainder of the Liguria region): August 15th
  • Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca (and all of Tuscany): August 30th
  • Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Naples (and the rest of the Campania region): August 30th
  • Milan (and all of the Lombardy region): August 30th
  • Venice, Verona (and the entire Veneto region): August 31st

*Two things to keep in mind:

  1. The Cinque Terre villages will have shops with saldi on a much, much smaller scale (so you’re probably better off hitting up the shops in nearby La Spezia if you’re a shopaholic).  La Spezia has a pedestrian-only shopping district within walking distance from La Spezia Centrale train station (the TI office at the station will give you a free city map and they can highlight where you’ll need to go). You can also hit up a relatively new indoor shopping mall in La Spezia called Le Terrazze (you’ll need to take a bus or taxi to reach it from La Spezia Centrale).
  2. August 15th is officially the last day for the saldi in Liguria but that date is a national holiday.  Expect shops in nontouristic locations (like La Spezia) to be closed that day.

Buona spesa!


7 thoughts on “A shopper’s delight, today marks the start of Italian “saldi”

  1. Amy,

    I too fell in love with Cinque Terre many years ago. I have visited the area many times. During my visits, I have always stopped at a small store in the old town section of Monterosso al Mare to look at a set of tiles that show one of the five villages. I never purchased the tiles because I did not have a place to display them. Things have changed and now I am ready to make the purchase but I do not have any contact information for the store. If you, or any of your readers, have the information I would appreciate you sending it to me. I do have a picture of the tiles that I could send you if I had an email address.

    Thank you for your time and the wonderful blog you share with lovers of Cinque Terre.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Ciao Pat!

      These villages are enchanting, aren’t they? Was the shop a little artisan ceramic shop on a little lane near the black & white striped church? If so, I know which one (it’s my favorite!).

      I’m in the process of setting up a dedicated email but it’s more complicated than I thought so my tech guy promised he’ll work on it for me tomorrow. It will be amy @cinqueterreimsider.com (take out the space between my name and the @). But don’t send until I give you the thumbs up, ok?

      Chat soon,


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