Entertainment for kids tonight in Riomaggiore

If you’re in the Cinque Terre now and you’re traveling with kids, you’ll want to check out a free event tonight at 9pm on the piazzetta (Piazza del Vignaiolo).  The event is sponsored by Riomaggiore’s ProLoco (an association with the scope of promoting the village).


A local group of entertainers called I Vagabondi will be doing an hour-long bubbles show.  I’ve been to other events where these entertainers were present and they do a great job of keeping the kids interested and involved.

To get to Piazza del Vignaiolo from the Riomaggiore train station follow these simple directions:

  • Exit the station.
  • With the tracks at your back, head to the right and you’ll see a pedestrian-only tunnel.
  • Walk through this tunnel which will connect to the historical center of the village.
  • When you exit the tunnel you will see stairs heading down directly in front of you (these will take you down to the marina) and just to the left of these stairs you’ll see stairs going up.  Go up these stairs and they’ll bring you straight to the piazza.

TIP: If you have a stroller and want to avoid the stairs, make a left when you exit the tunnel and walk about 30 meters up the village’s main street (via Colombo).  On your left you will see a restaurant called La Lampara and a pub called Bar O’Netto. Take the little lane on your left that passes under the portico and leads to the entrances of both of these businesses.  Keep walking past both the pub and restaurant and you’ll end up right on the piazza.

Have fun! Divertitevi! 





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