5 things you need to be Cinque Terre beach ready

2 thoughts on “5 things you need to be Cinque Terre beach ready”

  1. Good day,

    Thank you for interesting articles. I’m struggling now with a parking place for our summer vacation. Thanks to you it seems to be little less stressing 😉
    How is the situation with beach in Riomaggiore? Is it a big one and crowdy? Any chances for wild beaches around? Is it legall to be there? F.e. in Croatia I always choose wild small beaches with almost no people and it is legal. Thanks in avance!


    1. Ciao Marten!

      Monterosso has what most consider to be the “best” Cinque Terre beaches. With that said, it doesn’t sound like it’s your style. Riomaggiore’s rocky beach or Corniglia’s cove sound more like your style! There’s actually a post here on the blog with a side-by-side comparison of the Cinque Terre beaches (be sure to check it out!). There are quite a few beaches or coves that can only be reached by boat or kayak so you might want to rent one of those while you’re here! There’s no restriction on accessing remote beaches or coves but beware that there *are* restrictions on accessing private portions of the beaches in Monterosso (where umbrellas and sun loungers are located).

      Enjoy your time here!



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