Temporary closure of the Cinque Terre coastal trail (SVA) between Vernazza and Monterosso

5 thoughts on “Temporary closure of the Cinque Terre coastal trail (SVA) between Vernazza and Monterosso”

  1. Hi Amy
    I have been continuing my trail research preparing to be in CT in 1 week. I will be staying in Rio and coming up with a hike schedule to get from Rio to Fossola, Monesteroli, and Schiara – hopefully to sea on those that i can. From the National Park site, I see the path from Rio to Telegrafo is open. And the path from Sant’ Antonio to each of my destinations is open, but I can’t see an open connection from Telegrafo to Sant’ Antonio. Do you know the path there is open? Also, if all these destinations are open, should I anticipate breaking these into 2 days worth of hikes? I will be taking lots of photos so currently planning it’s at least 2 days. Please let me know your thoughts. thanks in advance! Ciao!


    1. Ciao Todd!

      Yes, the section of trail between Telegrafo and S. Antonio is definitely open (you’ll be walking through the Palestra nel Verde). You could easily fit all of Tramonti in one day (località Fossola, Monesteroli and Schiara) as they are all tiny.



  2. Is this section of the trail open again? I looked on the Cinque Terre website you linked and didn’t see anything about it currently being closed.


    1. Ciao Josh!

      I’m currently at the hospital with my son in Genoa. When he’s released and we head home I will be able to verify in person. You’re right, the National Park website doesn’t currently mention it being closed but it’s suspicious there was no press release when it reopened. I will keep you posted!


      P.S. I’m hoping we’ll get to go home tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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