Travel Tip: How to pick up a SIM card for your phone in Italy 

2 thoughts on “Travel Tip: How to pick up a SIM card for your phone in Italy ”

  1. Hi there, thanks for your your very informative posts. I some questions on the TIM Sim Card you mentioned (TIM International 1000). I will be traveling from the US to Barcelona, Rome/Florence/CT/Venice, and Paris for 15 days total. I can only find a link to buy the TIM for visitors (4GB) online but not the plan you described. Some people on Tripadvisor said the TIM International 1000 is not for foreigners traveling in Europe. Can you please clarify? May be you implied that when you said you bought it for a friend who’s visiting. Another question is:
    can I activate the online voucher for the SIM card in Barcelona since that’s my first stop? Thanks for your help.


    1. Ciao Karen!

      TIM (as well as all of the other major carriers) change the promotions they offer continuously so it’s impossible to keep up. Because a law was passed banning roaming charges within the EU, if you pick up a SIM card at your first destination (Barcelona) you should be able to use it without a problem (or extra charges) for all of your other destinations.

      I have always taken care of all of my mobile phone needs in person (not online) at a brick & mortar store so I can’t attest to online functionality.

      I hope this helps!



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