My next big (ad)venture…

My little blog, which I started back in September of 2014, has blown me away.  I remember my tech guy (Ciao Francesco!) encouraging me to start a blog and me laughing and telling him, The last thing I have time for is a blog.”  But here I am, a little over three years later with a blog with 100+ posts, hundreds of comments and well over half a million views.  To put it lightly, I am shocked. And flattered.  And excited.  The future seems wide open.

It wasn’t until last year that I realized that I could (and should!) shift my attention away from our family business (more about what that is and my story can be found here) and onto the blog instead.  Up until now, Cinque Terre Insider has been a labor of love with just a few bucks brought in through Amazon Associate links to help cover its hosting (grazie mille to those of you who have made purchases through the links!). But now I’m finally starting to see what people have been telling me for quite some time:  I can make the blog my actual job.

If so many people are seeking help online for details on the Cinque Terre obviously there’s a hole in the market for practical tips, expert advice and insight (and no, simply visiting the area a time or two does not constitute an expert). It still surprises me how many travelers entrust their trip planning to people who have never even set foot here. Only a local will know the ins and outs, where to find the best hospitality and how to get off the beaten path to discover the best of the Cinque Terre.

Photo credit: Nicole O’Neil Photography

Those who know me personally know that I’m a planner, almost to a maniacal degree.  I love to think things through, including every teeny-tiny and minute detail.  I hate to be taken by surprise and you’ll never catch me without a Plan B.  I love to organize things (whether it be a vacation, my closet, or just a get-together with friends).  I also have a love of information (in case you haven’t already noticed from the posts on the blog).  The driving force behind creating Cinque Terre Insider was my frustration and exasperation with the lack of current and correct information on the Cinque Terre out there on the web. Being bilingual and living here has major advantages.  Every single day I’m reading articles and press releases in Italian and processing them to see if it’s something of interest to those planning to visit the Cinque Terre.

So this is my next big (ad)venture… I’m going to be flanking Cinque Terre Insider with consultation and concierge services.  My goal is to help you make the most of your trip to the Cinque Terre, to make your precious time here seamless so you can stress less and enjoy more.  We all know that Cinque Terre is a slice of paradiso, I want you to make the most of it while you’re here.  You can do that with a personalized, tailor-made itinerary that includes insider info as well as tips & advice from yours truly.

Photo credit: Nicole O’Neil

Here’s a breakdown of what I will be offering:

Consultation Services

Do you have questions about our area and you’re not sure who to ask?  Are you getting all the logistics jumbled and need some expert help? Whether you’ve already put together your own itinerary (and want some input and polishing) or you’re looking for an itinerary built from scratch just for you, I’ve got you covered.

Concierge Services

Over the years I’ve been asked a gazillion times to help people orchestrate a special day or moment here in the Cinque Terre. Planning to pop the question?  Have a special birthday or anniversary to celebrate? I can pack you an exquisite basket for a romantic beach picnic, arrange a photographer, bring you a cake or flowers (or both!), book you a private boat or even an opera singer.  If you can dream it, I can arrange it. Having difficulties making a reservation for that special restaurant (or boat excursion or cooking class)?  I can do that, too.

To top it off, I’m offering myself up for “A day with Amy.”  I will be at your side to smooth *everything* for you for the entire day.  Am I a guide?  No.  Think of me as your personal travel coordinator/translator/concierge/Italian speaking BFF.  We’ll create a personalized itinerary together and I’ll be there firsthand to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. You’ll see just how smooth and easy traveling Italy can be when you do it with a local.

Is your interest piqued?  Want to know more?  Shoot me a message, I’ll be happy to chat.

Photo credit: Nicole O’Neil Photography

P.S. Please don’t forget that I’m on Italian time (GST+1). No matter what, you should expect a reply from me within 24 hours.  Grazie mille! 

11 thoughts on “My next big (ad)venture…

  1. Awesome! My wife and I were there last September and relied on your insider information, very helpful . I will pass on the Cinque Terre Insider to all my traveling friends

    Vince LoRusso St Louis MO USA

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  2. Our family always has a magical visit to Italy because of Amy’s thoughtfulness, attention to detail AND she is just so fun to be around😊. I highly recommend her!

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  3. Good luck on your expanded adventure. My wife and I stayed at your wonderful guest house last September. A truly Amazing and memorable experience, enhanced by advice from your blog. A pity we couldn’t meet but your husband was an excellent host. The area is so beautiful I almost cried at some of the views , food and hospitality. Mille Grazie, abbracci a tutti.
    PS. can you please say G’day to Mario and the boys at IL’Maggiore from Sergio in Australia.

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  4. Hi Amy
    My husband and I are planning a trip to Switzerland ending in
    Milan on Aug 15th. We would like to come to the Cinque Terra for 4 days or so at the end of our trip. We’ve never been and would benefit from your expertise on getting to and from, where to stay and eat, and your recommendations on the best ways to see it.


  5. Amy, I found the name of your blog in Rick Steve’s “Italy’s Cinque Terre” pocket book. Love, love, love your blog! This is an amazing resource just filled with useful and relevant information! Kudos, and good luck in your future endeavors!


  6. Congrats on furthering your business and hope it’s going great. We loved staying at one of your rooms when we were there and all of your advice was spot on. I agree that the info was a bit patchy but yours was right on the money. I can also say (from experience) that Riomaggiore is a great town to propose in. Grazie mille Amy. A dopo


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