Cinque Terre guided tours & excursions: May 2018

Are you planning to visit the Cinque Terre and wanting a guided tour or excursion? You’re in luck! The Cinque Terre Walking Park offers daily excursions (read: hikes) or tours of the villages themselves. If you have the Cinque Terre Card you can join in for free! If you don’t have the Cinque Terre Card it is possible to participate by paying €6.50 per person.

Here’s the schedule for May 2018:

The calendar is color coded. If the date you’re interested is yellow or green, it’s considered trekking (read: a hike). If the date is green then it is *required* that you have the Cinque Terre Card (as you’ll be on a portion of the trail where you’ll need the hiking pass). If the date is blue, it’s a historical and cultural tour of one of the villages (a less strenuous experience compared to the hikes).

Keep an eye out for the asterisks. one asterisk (*) denotes the possibility to add on a wine tasting with a local vintner. I highly recommend this! TIP: Be sure to mention it if you’re interested when you reserve your spot. Three asterisks (***) is for the option to visit a local farm (for an additional €3 per person).

To reserve your space you’ll need to either ring (+39) 0187 743 500 or email

You can follow Cinque Terre Walking Park on Facebook! Chiara (one of the local guides) does a great job of posting photos, schedules and updating in case of cancellations (due to weather conditions).

Don’t forget, you’ll need proper footwear to hike the trails. No flip flops, heels or sandals on the trails (I know this seems like common sense but believe it or not we’ve seen it all!). Hiking boots or shoes aren’t required but at the very least you’ll want a pair of athletic trainers with decent tread on the soles.

Enjoy! And tell me all about it afterwards.

Ciao for now,


2 thoughts on “Cinque Terre guided tours & excursions: May 2018

    • Ciao Iris!

      Due to the unique geography of this area it is particularly difficult to navigate for anyone with mobility issues. If you travel by car (versus train) things will definitely be a bit easier (the train station are notoriously problematic as there are lots of stairs and either no elevator or an elevator that doesn’t consistently work). You could park in Monterosso (I recommend the parking lot on the Fegina side) as it has a beautiful, flat promenade along the seafront and a tunnel that connects to the historical center. You should have no problems exploring Monterosso. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend visiting the other four villages but Vernazza might be ok (minus the fact that the parking is quite distant from the village).

      I hope this information helps!



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