Get your yoga fix in Riomaggiore

Yoga in the Cinque Terre? Yes, please! Yoga instructor Gabriele Musetti has been leading Ashtanga classes for residents of Riomaggiore for the past year. Starting next Tuesday classes will be open to visitors of the Cinque Terre as well.

Classes are held at Riomaggiore’s castle on Tuesday mornings at 9am or at the village’s not-so-scenic (but perfectly functional) gymnasium on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. TIP: Obviously, if you have a choice, pick the Tuesday morning class for the great location. Each class lasts an hour and the cost is €10 per person. Yoga mats will be available if you message Gabriele in advance.

Unfamiliar with Ashtanga yoga? Learn more about this style of yoga here. Keep in mind that, aside from the last 5-10 minutes, the class is quite physically demanding but the asana (poses) can be adapted for all levels. I’m by no means a yogi but I enjoy the class and the challenge.

Want to reserve your space? Gabriele is super savvy with social media. You can find him on Instagram @gabryoga with 28k+ followers (*gasp*) or Facebook. You can also email him at or WhatsApp him at +39 349 323 6896 (just be mindful of the time difference when messaging). Walk-ins are also welcome but there might not be a mat available (so contacting in advance is your best bet).



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