Photography workshop in the Cinque Terre

Calling all photographers, amatorial and professional

If you’re planning to be in the Cinque Terre this summer I recommend coordinating your travel plans so that you can join one of these 2-day black & white photography workshops in the Cinque Terre.


There are five 2-day workshops, one for each of the five villages of the Cinque Terre:

  • Riomaggiore: June 30 & July 1
  • Manarola: July 7 & 8
  • Corniglia: July 28 & 29
  • Vernazza: August 25 & 26
  • Monterosso: September 8 &9

The workshops are intimate with max. 7 participants per date and pleasantly informal (the invite recommends bringing a bathing suit and beach towel).

On the first day, participants will discover the hidden corners of the hosting village and then they will make their way on foot to the next village (all the while discovering beautiful yet obscure angles of the Cinque Terre).

On day two, workshop participants will head to a studio in La Spezia where they will select and edit the previous day’s shots.  The culmination of the workshop will be the creation of a photographic book.

The 5×5 workshop is in collaboration with professional photographers Jacopo Benassi, Moreno Carbone and Andrea Luporini as well as photo editor Stefania Molteni.

The cost of each workshop is €200 per person.  For more details and specifics, email:

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