Three free apps to download before coming to Italy

7 thoughts on “Three free apps to download before coming to Italy”

  1. This is great Amy–I will pass it along to our guests. One FYI, the Trenitalia app (love this App) can’t be downloaded unless you have an EU phone or Italian ITunes account. I’ve learned this when trying to get it for our guests outside of Europe.
    Having WhatsApp is almost essential and makes communication so easy!
    We love the App Speak + Translate–I will also try the ones you’ve recommended.
    Thanks as always for all your good information!

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    1. Oh wow! Thanks for this valuable feedback, Paula! Why am I not surprised that TrenItalia has dropped the ball on this? 🤦‍♀️ I will definitely modify my post to mention this. Crossing my fingers that TrenItalia fixes this hiccup (but I’m not holding my breath).

      Un bacione!


  2. I’ve downloaded the Trenitalia app just now and it looks great. Only problem is you need an Italian tax code to register so it looks like I’ll need to purchase tickets as a guest each time and reenter data unless you know of a workaround.


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