2019 Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Levanto, La Spezia and Lerici ferry schedules

11 thoughts on “2019 Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Levanto, La Spezia and Lerici ferry schedules”

  1. Hi Amy! We are taking the train from Lucca to Riomaggiore, and then plan on buying an all afternoon (on-off) ferry ticket. How far is the train station from the ferry dock? Will the ferry be crowded on Saturday March 30, the first day of the season?


    1. Ciao Jim!

      It’s about a 10 minute walk to reach the ferry docking point in Riomaggiore from the village’s train station (and there are stairs to descend & climb). I don’t imagine it will be crazy busy on the 30th, but there are visitors here this time of year, too. 🙂

      Have fun!


  2. Hi Amy,

    Would you know where would it be cheapest and easiest to park for the cinque terre ferry? La spezia, lerici or Portovenere?

    Many thanks,


  3. Hi Amy Want to see cinque terre in a day with ferry. I am a little confused with the pricing. Going to La Spezia to Porto Venere want to see the 5 terre with hop on and off. So how many times can you do this? And I want to end up at La Spezia to catch the train. How do i go about it? How much is it for the day trip including porto Venere and the 5 terre. Can you please clarify for me Anna


  4. Hi Amy!

    My boyfriend and I will be traveling from Milan to Porto Venere! We are debating between taking a train to Levanto and then taking the ferry from there down to Porto Venere, or taking the train straight from Milan to Porto Venere and not seeing the coast. Which makes sense? We don’t have a ton of time on the coast and we will have luggage, but are pretty good travelers. Would love to hear your thoughts!


    1. Ciao Christine!

      Ferries from Levanto are infrequent, so I would recommend picking up the ferry in Monterosso. Having said that, the ferries are typically for passengers only (they aren’t equipped for dealing with luggage). Unless you are traveling really light, I wouldn’t recommend it.

      Keep in mind that Portovenere is not connected to the railway line. You’d need to take a train to La Spezia Centrale and then a city bus or taxi (recommended) to Portovenere.



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