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In late October 2018, an especially forceful storm passed through Liguria (the region in which the Cinque Terre villages are located). Luckily for us, the five villages had minimal damage but just up the coast from us Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure weren’t so lucky. The damage in the two seaside locales was quite extensive as they were pummeled by high winds (up to 180km/hour) and torrential rain as well as a surging storm tide that washed away the only road leading to Portofino, leaving the village isolated and only reachable by sea.

Photo: Liguria Oggi

Today a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to officially reopen the coastal road, a mere five months post-storm. This, considering typical timelines in Italy, is an astounding feat and to be commended.

Facebook live screenshot: Il Secolo XIX

What does this mean for travelers? Road transport to Portofino will resume making it easier to visit the chic and glitzy seaside village. If you are traveling by train you’ll want to arrive to the Santa Margherita Ligure train station where you can either take a city bus (just outside the train station), grab a taxi or hire a private car with driver (called an NCC or noleggio con conducente) to reach Portofino.

2 thoughts on “5 months post-storm, the SP-227 road between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino has reopened

  1. Grazie 1000 Amy–I was just wondering about this and your blog shows up in my inbox! So glad for the residents and business owners of Portofino + SM.


    1. Prego, Paula! And, yes! I’m so impressed with the quick timing. 🥳


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