Cinque Terre photography retreat + photo sessions: August/September 2019

My dear friend and professional photographer, Nicole O’Neil, will be returning to her beloved Cinque Terre September 2-19, 2019 (I’ve actually blogged about her in the past).  For travelers as well as fellow shutterbugs, Nicole has two unique and highly sought after opportunities on offer while she’s here in the Cinque Terre.

Professional Photo Sessions

Professional photos + amazing backdrop + photographer that speaks *perfect* English (and knows this area like the back of her hand) = SIGN ME UP!  Nicole can take amazing photos of you, your kids, your family, your partner, really of whomever your heart desires!  Every time Nicole visits I book a family session and I must say, they make the best Christmas cards (although they might make my relatives and friends just a tad jealous!).

Photography retreat for valuable industry insight… and fun!

Nicole will be hosting an educational and inspirational photography retreat here in the Cinque Terre the first week of September.  Because of her love for this area (and umpteen past visits) Nicole knows how to get you off the beaten path so that you can discover the true essence and beauty of the Cinque Terre. 

Who is a good fit for the photography retreat?  Professionals that are looking to elevate and maximize their business, hobbyists that are looking to take the leap into the professional realm, or simply photographers of all levels looking to acquire knowledge and travel to (and truly experience) an amazing place.  You can read all about the unique activities that Nicole has planned for the retreat here.  There’s no doubt that with the beauty of this area and Nicole’s teaching and mentoring your creative juices will be flowing!  This will be a small and highly personable retreat (with a maximum of 6 participants) so if you’re interested you’ll want to act quickly.

Don’t hesitate to contact Nicole directly for more details on either option.  Her email address is:

Nicole O’Neil, professional photographer

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