Italian train strike from 9pm tonight until 9pm tomorrow

Italian rail employees have declared a 24-hour national train strike from 9pm on October 24th to 9pm on October 25th.

Until the strike starts, we won’t know to what extent the it will be observed (and how much it will affect travelers). Keep in mind that even during a strike minimum service is required by law: select regional commuter trains will run between 6am and 9am and between 6pm and 9pm during weekday strikes. Also, Italy’s premier high-speed Freccia trains are not affected by strikes.

For more details about Italian train strikes and what to expect, check out my previous post here. You can also find more details about this specific strike on the official TrenItalia website here (but—ahimè—it’s in Italian).

Deep breaths, don’t stress and safe travels,

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