Italy 2020: To go, or not to go

Considering calling off your 2020 Italian vacation because of the coronavirus? Hold your horses. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have classified Italy as Level 2 and their advisory is directed at two specific subgroups of travelers: “Older adults and those with chronic medical conditions should consider postponing nonessential travel.”

My advice? Unless you fall into one of those two categories (aging adult or infirm) take your finger off the cancel button. Research your existing bookings and their cancellation policies (and know until what date you can opt out without penalty). This is a dynamic situation, unless you are due to depart immediately there’s no need for a rash decision—watch & wait.

Here are the most reliable and credible resources that you should be referencing:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Coronavirus information:

Travel advisories:

World Health Organization

Coronavirus information:

Travel advisories:

Above all, don’t let sensational headlines or panic cloud your judgement. Here in the Cinque Terre “la dolce vita” is still happening, just with extra hand washing thrown in the mix.


2 thoughts on “Italy 2020: To go, or not to go

  1. Good advice, Amy. There is a great deal of fear and resulting panic being created by media organizations, without thought or care to the negative consequences this has for the world, not least the harm being caused to the economy.
    People need to take some deep breathes, relax, and try to think rationally.


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