How to reserve public beaches in Monterosso this summer

We’re into our second pandemic summer here in Italy. In an effort to ensure adequate social distancing, Monterosso’s mayor has passed an ordinance requiring reservations at the village’s public beaches (just like last year). The beaches, which are free of charge, have been equipped with numbered poles and each reservation allows for space for two adults + children next to one of these markers. These beaches are overseen by stewards from the village’s ProLoco association.

Don’t forget that in this post we are talking about public beaches, as an alternative there are also private beaches where you can pay to rent an umbrella and a sun lounger for the day. Usually at these private beach clubs you can just turn up but during peak times they can fill up so beware.


Time slots for the public beaches are released just 40 hours in advance, so there’s no possibility to reserve weeks (or months) prior.

If you are staying in Monterosso be sure to speak to your hotel or host first as they have the possibility to reserve for you.

These are the three possible time slots:

1. 9am to 12pm

2. 12pm to 3pm

3. 3pm to 7pm.

There are four beaches to choose from:

1. Fegina public beach

Fegina public beach in Monterosso

2. Il Gigante public beach

Il Gigante public beach in Monterosso

3. Portiglione public beach

Portiglione public beach in Monterosso

4. Tragagià public beach

The first three options are in Fegina (the side of the village closest to the train station) whereas Tragagià is the only option in Monterosso Vecchio (the historical center).

Book your spot, step-by-step guide

For non-Italians the reservation process might seem a bit daunting (as the website is only in Italian) but I will walk you through it.

1. Go to:

2. Scroll down and click on “Per visitatori giornalieri nel Comune e proprietari di seconde case.”

3. Now click the arrow to see the different beach options and then choose one (hint: chances are you’ll probably have to try all of them before you find a spot available).

4. A map will come up of that particular beach. Scroll down to the very bottom and choose your date. Don’t forget: Slots are set to release 40 hours in advance (so you can’t book far in advance).

5. After you’ve chosen your date if you see this message it means there are no spots currently available for that particular day. Boo!

6. Try changing dates and/or beaches until you find an available date. If you see this on your screen… JACKPOT! Choose your preferred time slot and click “PRENOTA” (reserve).

7. Now fill in your details to confirm the reservation and click “PRENOTA.”

Honestly, I doubt they will read or pay much attention to the “Note” section so I wouldn’t invest much time or effort there.

8. In theory at this point you’ve done everything correctly and you should receive a confirmation email to the address you provided. Save that email or take a screenshot so you can show it to the beach steward. You’re all set!

Please be considerate. Be sure to cancel your reservation (via the link in your confirmation email) should you not be able to make it to the beach at your allotted time.

Buon bagno!

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