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  1. Hi Amy!
    We are driving in from switzerland, are we parking in La Spieza or do we try to get to the Vernazza station?


  2. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for offering some info. I will be arriving in La Spezia Centrale after Friday midnight and my accommodation in Manarola will not check me in by then. Is it safe to stay in La Spezia Centrale station to wait for the train to start back up again (about 4 am) on Saturday?

    Appreciate your insight?


    1. Ciao CJ,

      I personally don’t recommend being at the La Spezia Centrale train station between midnight and 4am. There are some unsavory characters at the station in the late night hours and I personally wouldn’t feel safe there. My advice would be to book a room near the train station or take a taxi to Manarola.

      Hope that helps!



  3. Traveling from monterosso to la spezia October 3rd. Concerned about on time trains in the Cinque Terre. Would a ferry boat be a better option to get me to La Spezia. Final destination is Rome if you have a better idea.


    1. Ciao Jeff,

      It’s absolutely *not* a good idea to use a ferry to connect to the La Spezia Centrale train station. My recommendation is to simply take an earlier train to La Spezia to ensure you have planet of time to catch your train to Rome. 🙂



  4. Hi Amy. Great to see a site full of practical info. We are 5 women’s with a love of good food, wine, nice walks, with average budgets, travelling end June 2019 To cinque terra .flying into Pisa. Which town would you recommend us staying in for easy access for 4 day trip please? Any help greatly appreciated.


  5. Just wanted to say that the thoughts of my entire family are with the wonderful people of Cinque Terre after your recent storms – particularly after the horrific previous one. We spent a wonderful week there 2 years ago (time to come again) and fell in love with you all. Hope everything is back to normal very quickly.

    Neil – Australia


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