What’s the deal with the Cinque Terre Card?

UPDATED IN 2017 TO REFLECT CURRENT RATES  The Cinque Terre Card is the Cinque Terre National Park’s effort to streamline the hiking pass and transport services all into one card (which helps to make things much more convenient for those visiting).  These cards allow the card holder unlimited train travel between the Cinque Terre villages (actually, even as far as the … Continue reading What’s the deal with the Cinque Terre Card?

Cinque Terre unscathed

Other than 20 minutes of torrential rain, gusty winds as well as thunder and lightning yesterday evening, the Cinque Terre passed a rather uneventful weekend despite being under a level 2 alert.  Special safety measures were taken over the weekend including the closure of all of the trails within the Cinque Terre National Park.  Plees were made by local … Continue reading Cinque Terre unscathed