2017: In Italy, it’s the year of the “ponti” 

Ponte is the Italian word for bridge (ponti is the same word but in plural form). Besides the literal meaning, there’s also a figurative one which refers to a long holiday weekend (where extra days extend or “bridge” the traditional weekend). A weekend di ponte happens when a national holiday lands on a Thursday, Friday, Monday or … Continue reading 2017: In Italy, it’s the year of the “ponti” 

Stairs, stairs, everywhere

I imagine you’ve seen plenty of picturesque photos of the Cinque Terre villages with their colorful buildings that defy gravity as they cling to the cliffs. Keep in mind that while you’re appreciating the beauty of these villages you will also be climbing the stairs & inclines that go along with such unique geography.  These stairs and inclines are just a part … Continue reading Stairs, stairs, everywhere