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Traveling to the Cinque Terre? Find the Summer 2021 ferry schedule and pricing here.

A how-to guide on booking your spot at Monterosso’s public beaches in Cinque Terre, Italy

Considering calling off your 2020 Italian vacation because of the coronavirus? Hold your horses. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have classified Italy as Level 2 and their advisory is directed at two specific subgroups of travelers: “Older adults and those with chronic medical conditions should consider postponing nonessential travel.” My advice? Unless …

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Please note: This is an ever-evolving story due to the dynamic nature of contagion. All data was correct at the time it was published. Periodic updates will be posted as footnotes to this post. Let me start by saying, as of today there have been zero confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Liguria (the region …

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Expect fewer trains running between the Cinque Terre villages during work on the railway lines

The nativity scene is a quintessential holiday tradition in Italy (the Christmas tree, although now just as popular, is considered imported). Most of us are familiar with static versions of the nativity scene but if you are lucky enough to happen upon a dynamic, live version the experience is magical. Monterosso will host its very …

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Today, November 27th, the Cinque Terre and surrounding areas are on a level orange weather alert from 8am to 6pm. Forecasters are predicting heavy rains, gusty winds and thunderstorms. What’s of most concern to both meteorologists and geologists is the level of ground saturation after weeks of constant rain. Are you wondering why weather alerts …

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Cinque Terre is on a level orange storm warning for November 5, 2019

The villages within the Cinque Terre National Park are back on a level orange weather alert