Day trip by ferry from Monterosso to Portofino

Staying in the Cinque Terre but wanting to visit Portofino? Usually this day trip would require a train and bus ride but starting July 3rd through August 28th on every Monday and Friday you can catch a ferry instead!

The dedicated ferry will depart Monterosso at 9:50am and arrive back to the village at approximately 5:20pm.  Passengers will be allowed circa 3 hours of free time in Portofino before boarding the ferry again. Portofino is actually pretty tiny so that should be plenty of time to have a good look around.

Rates for the day trip are €33 for adults and €18 for children ages 6-11 (accompanied by at least one adult).

Of course, it’s important to remember that the ferry will not run unless sea and weather conditions permit.

Organized day trip from the Cinque Terre to Portofino

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Are you staying in the Cinque Terre but wanting to check out posh coastal neighbor Portofino at some point?  Twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays) a battello (ferry boat) takes visitors from Riomaggiore (departing at 9:30am)  to Portofino and back (arriving back to Riomaggiore at 6pm).  The layover in Portofino is for approx. 2 1/2 hours (and since Portofino is pretty tiny, that should be plenty of time to get a feel for the place).  These trips will run twice weekly (contingent, of course, on sea and weather conditions) up until September 11th.

The costs for this day trip are as follows:

Children age 12 and up & adults: €27

Children 6-11: €18 (traveling with at least one adult)

Children 0-5: free (traveling with at least one adult)


Be sure to bring a hat and sun block (especially if you’re wanting to sit up above on the deck).  And if you’re not wanting to break the bank, perhaps something for lunch?

Just a word to the wise: Portofino is considered to be a VIP locale (much like the Beverly Hills of Italy) and prices at shops, bars and restaurants can be prohibitively expensive.  With that said, it’s a beautiful area and there are some nice walks and hikes nearby.  Plus, those that are starstruck can gawk at million dollar yachts and maybe, just maybe, rub elbows with the celebrities themselves.