Cinque Terre ferry timetables & tips

Ferry boat in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Hooray!  Spring is in the air and the ferries connecting the Cinque Terre villages are back in business starting Saturday, March 28th.  The ferries are a great way to see the Cinque Terre from a different perspective.  

Below you’ll find the schedule that is valid from March 28th until April 17th, 2015 (they change the schedules frequently throughout the peak-season so I’ll post new schedules as soon as they are released).Cinque Terre Ferry Schedule

As you might have noticed on the schedule, the ferries also run to Portovenere (which is about a 30 minute boat ride down the coast from Riomaggiore).  If time permits, I highly recommend going there.  It’s one of my favorite places and the views along the way are glorious!

Cinque Terre ferry pricingIn case there’s any confusion about the fares, let me help you by breaking it down here:

The fares listed below 5 Terre scheduled line are the ones that you’ll want to look at for the boats between the Cinque Terre.  If you are wanting to travel between the Cinque Terre villages as well as Portovenere and possibly even the islands off of Portovenere (Palmaria, Tino & Tinetto) you’ll want to look at the rates above 5 Terre scheduled line.

Daily ticket 5 Terre: The pass you’ll want if you’re planning to hop on and off the boats as much as you like (heading in both directions).

One way with stops: This allows you to hop on and off the boat in each village (minus Corniglia, don’t forget that there won’t be a stop there as the village is located up off the sea) so long as you are heading in the same direction.  For example, you can start in Riomaggiore, get off and back on in Manarola, ditto for Vernazza and then you end your tour in Monterosso.  You wouldn’t be able to zig-zag back and forth  between the villages (you’d need the Daily ticket 5 Terre for that).

r/t: This is simply an abbreviation for round-trip.

Reduced:  A reduced price ticket for children 6-11 years in age (read: kids 5 and under travel for free!).

Daily t. Holidays: Sunday is a considered a holiday in Italy so this will be the ticket sold for Sundays and national holidays.

Daily t. Holiday eves: Bear with me, this is Italian translating at its best.  What they really mean is a ticket for Saturdays and any day prior to a national holiday.