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Planning to be in the Cinque Terre this July? Check out the guided tours and excursions offered by the national park (with a nifty key and explanations). Enjoy!

In the tiny village of Volastra in the Cinque Terre, a local twenty-year-old budding entrepreneur has a burning desire to unite two of the things that he loves most: cycling and a passion for his homeland. Luca Capellini’s new business, Italy Bike Resort, offers visitors the chance to get off the beaten path and high above the crowds on brand new, state-of-the-art e-bikes.

As pirates are a non-issue these days, Riomaggiore’s castle now offers a different kind of refuge for both villagers and visitors alike: a wellness hub with holistic massages, Reiki sessions, yoga classes and wine tastings. Sound divine? It is.

December is decidedly off-season in the Cinque Terre, but catch some nice weather and you’re in for a treat! Nearly empty streets (with the exception of locals and the rare tour group) allow visitors to appreciate the true beauty of the Cinque Terre. Visiting the Cinque Terre in the off-season isn’t for everyone; if you’re …

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Monterosso’s ProLoco has come up with a rich schedule of events for June: To help you out, I’ve translated the schedule to English for you: Saturday, June 2nd: Guided visits to the Capuchin monastery from 10am to 5:30pm Sacred music concert at 9:15pm at the village’s main church (San Giovanni Battista) Sunday, June 3rd: Corpus …

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Each Italian village, town and city has its own patron saint and dedicated religious festivities. These celebrations are a point of pride and tradition for locals and you’ll see both the young and old participating. For more details on local holidays and celebrations, check out my previous post here.  On August 17th you can witness …

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