Set the stage for your visit to the Cinque Terre

I’m a self-professed bookworm at heart. Or, maybe I should use the past tense as my love of reading has taken a backseat since I became a mom 5 1/2 years ago (*sigh*).  Granted, I’ve still managed to sneak in a few books and one of those lucky few happens to be Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.



This novel was actually recommended to me by my American family because the story is set in the Cinque Terre (in a fictitious village called Porto Vergogna, supposedly on the coast between Riomaggiore and Portovenere).  Do you recognize the village on the cover?  Yep, that’s Manarola!


The book, which was released in 2012 and quickly made its way onto The New York Times best sellers list, is an easy and entertaining read that will have you absorbed in the romantic and intriguing story line.

My recommendation? Read Beautiful Ruins before coming to the Cinque Terre to help set the stage and get you salivating about your upcoming trip.  Even better, bring it along with you on your travels!  Go sit at Nessun Dorma in Manarola with a glass of local white wine. Bask in the sun while flipping through Beautiful Ruins and admire the gorgeous views that mirror its cover.  Sounds pretty epic (and Instagram worthy!).  Even I am tempted to do this, and I live here!

You can purchase Beautiful Ruins on Amazon, simply by clicking here (it’s available in paperback, hardcover or E-book format).*

*Thinking about buying the book?  Please use the Amazon affiliate link above as it will help cover costs associated with the upkeep & hosting of the blog.  Grazie mille!


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