Staying in the Cinque Terre for 3+ days? This train pass could be for you

11 thoughts on “Staying in the Cinque Terre for 3+ days? This train pass could be for you”

  1. Unless I am missing something on the form, you have to be domiciled in Italy and have local documentation to register on the Trenitalia customer site. You cannot purchase tickets unless you register. How does a foreigner register?


    1. Ciao!

      Unfortunately there’s a glitch on the TrenItalia website at the moment. Rather than take you to sign up for an account, it’s routing you to sign up for their frequent traveler program (like a fidelity card). For that card you do need to live in Italy and provide Italian ID info. I’ve flagged the bug but until they fix it you’ll need to buy your monthly pass when you’re here in Italy. You can buy it at any TrenItalia ticket counter.
      Hope that helps clear up any confusion!



  2. Hey Amy,

    I just checked the Trenitalia website and I found out that I can select “weekly” as the duration of the pass from La Spezia Centrale to Monterosso. I got an error when I selected “six days” as the duration of the pass though. When you say that Trenitalia abolished the “weekly” pass did you meant the “six days” pass or the “weekly” pass? it seems that Trenitalia still offers the “weekly” pass. Here is a snapshot:

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    1. Ciao Ivania!

      The weekly pass still exists, but only for residents. In fact, you can purchase it online but then you would have to show proof of residency when the controller checks your ticket. Obviously there is a fine for those who have purchased the resident-only weekly pass but are nonresidents, so it’s not worth your while.



  3. Ciao Amy
    I have been here in CT since last Sunday and leave this coming Sunday. I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion for the monthly pass. I have probably used the train between 15-20 times already and still have 1.5 days to go. I know you mentioned this in your post above, but for me the real value is that added convenience of not having to stand in line for each ticket purchase – because there will be people in line purchasing last minutes tickets. Extremely simple and well worth the cost. Grazie Mille!


      1. Hello Amy … i am flying into Genoa in September 2018 and basing myself in Monterosso . We will be visiting Cinque Terre 5 villages . Is there a weekly train pass to cover all that area


      2. Ciao Anne!

        During the peak-season when the Cinque Terre Express is in effect there’s no weekly train pass available for visitors. However, visitors *can* purchase a monthly pass (it might sound like overkill but if you are staying for 3+ days it can be worth it!). Keep in mind the Cinque Terre Express tickets are €4 for each train ride from one village to another. The monthly pass covering the five villages (so between Riomaggiore and Monterosso) costs €33.50. If you plan to take the train 10 times it has already paid for itself (not to mention the convenience of not having to queue up to buy and validate tickets each time). I have a blog post that talks about the monthly pass if you’d like more details. 🙂



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