Cinque Terre Card: 2022 updated rates

TrenItalia, Italy’s national railway system, has recently raised rates which has caused the multi-service Cinque Terre Card (which includes the hiking pass + unlimited train trips between the five villages, La Spezia Centrale and Levanto) to increase in price.

See below for the new rates, valid from March to November, 2022:

Where can I buy a Cinque Terre Card?

Cinque Terre Cards can be purchased in person at the Cinque Terre National Park TI offices throughout the Cinque Terre or at the train stations in Levanto or La Spezia Centrale. The passes can also be purchased online via the national park’s website, which I highly recommend doing so that you can avoid standing in long lines.

What about the hiking pass? Has it increased in price as well?

Unlike the multi-service Cinque Terre Card, the hiking pass (a.k.a Trekking Card) has not seen an increase in price (as it does not include the trains). To refresh your memories, here’s the current rates for the hiking pass:

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