The underwhelming partial reopening of the Via dell’Amore

13 thoughts on “The underwhelming partial reopening of the Via dell’Amore”

  1. Indeed underwhelming! I often wonder why they don’t use expat resources for translation of such crucial signage. Although effective, a colon might have helped it read “do not pass: rock fall” 🙂

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      1. Hi Amy,

        I’m terribly sorry to hear that as we will be in CT this week. We were expecting to take walk on that historic path of Amore. Thanks anyway 🙂



      2. Ciao Sinan,

        I understand your disappointment and trust me, you’re not the only one to feel that way! I recommend taking the panoramic stroll around Riomaggiore when you’re here as it’s beautiful and similar in difficulty and length as the Via dell’Amore. I have a post describing it here on the blog.



  2. Is it too much to plan a train ride from La Spezia to Monterrosso; hike to Vernazza, spend a few hours there, hike to Corniglia on one day. Train to Corniglia and hike to Manrolo, train/bus to Riomaggiore the next day?


    1. Ciao Mary Anne!

      It’s definitely doable. However, if you are planning on coming anytime soon keep in mind that it’s HOT right now and you’ll want to get any hiking in super early when it’s a bit cooler.



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