Just in: Closure of the Beccara trail #531

As of this morning, the ancient trail connecting Riomaggiore and Manarola (called the Beccara and identified on maps as trail #531) has been closed due to safety concerns. The village’s mayor, Fabrizia Pecunia, signed an ordinance on July 24th officially closing the trail (although the actual closure took place this morning) with no mention of a potential reopening date. 

Today’s trail closure comes just days after a local villager and grape grower, Giovanni Marcotti, filed a lawsuit claiming irreparable damage to the trail (which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage) due to an unsustainable number of hikers and lack of proper trail maintenance by local public entities. The Beccara trail was practically unknown by anyone except locals until the closure of the Via dell’Amore in 2012, at which point it became an alternative route between Riomaggiore and Manarola for hikers. 

Marcotti, who is well known in Riomaggiore, has been sounding the alarm regarding the deterioration of the Beccara trail for as long as I can remember (post-closure of the Via dell’Amore). Until the lawsuit was filed his complaints seemed to fall on deaf ears. 

The Beccara trail remains open only for locals tending their crops and vineyards in the vicinity of the trail.

I will post updates as they become available. 


12 thoughts on “Just in: Closure of the Beccara trail #531

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  3. Ami, The park was the destroyer of this trail. They never worked to repair this trail, so that people could enjoy it. I have hiked this trail many years prior to the problem of the Via dell Amore. This is again was the fault of the park, not the Riomaggiore. I am sorry that I have repute you on this matter, but let it be known that this is the problem of the park and the community. The park collect millions of euro for their park pass, that cost 16 euro which again that less then a third use the this to the fullest. To go 700 meters and pay 4 euro from Manarola to Riomaggiore is a “rip off.” Then again the bus traffic which is given a discount for the size of the people, compared to the people who actually stay in Cinque Terre and pay the TAX for staying here are not given a a cent. The day tripper receives more benefits then some one who come and stays here. I want people to come and stay here in Cinque Terre and feel as they are locals. The bus people are the ones who really are the locals with their discounts. Now that they have closed this trail, will the park now destroy the other 2 trails that you can reach Manarola or Riomaggiore? I have seen people already on the trail that again I have know, now being picked apart by this same pointed sticks. So to paint nice red and white stripes and running a weed waker over the area makes it fine. This is not the a true park and only out for the money. Look at the waste, new signs for the Via dell Amore, on the doors adverting the park pass and this bus to no where. Cinque Terre is domed if the people don’ stand up.


    • Ciao Pall,

      I know this is a subject you are obviously passionate about. The intent of my blog post was to state the facts as they currently stand, as objectively as possible: the trail is closed and the matter regarding the deterioration of the trail (and who is responsible for it) is currently in litigation.

      Are things a well-oiled machine here? Absolutely not, we both know there’s tons of room for improvement.

      I think it would be great if you created your own blog to share your take on the Cinque Terre. I’m sure it would be a fascinating read!


      P.S. For anyone else who might be reading this, I know Pall personally. 🙂


  4. Amy, my friends and I are visiting in September and I must thank you for your informative blog as Cinque Terre is one of our most highly-awaited stops and your posts have been most helpful in the planning process.

    With Trail #531 closed, does this mean there are no trails at all to hike from Riomaggiore to Manorola? We are staying in Riomaggiore and were trying to find a good hike that is close to us.

    Thank you!

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    • Ciao Anthony!

      Thanks for reading the blog. 🙂 I’m happy to hear that it has been of help to you in your planning process. You’re going to love it here!

      Not to worry, there are other ways to get to Manarola from Riomaggiore besides trail #531 (albeit not quite so direct).

      The fastest way to get to Manarola will be to take trail #501 (the trailhead is just behind Riomaggiore’s castle) straight up the hillside (circa 25 minutes hiking) until you reach the provincial road that connects the Cinque Terre villages. You will come out right at a bridge (look on my Instagram as I posted a photo of the bridge and landscape yesterday). Cross over the bridge and through the tunnel. Continue walking alongside the road to Manarola (but use caution as you are going to be right alongside traffic).

      My friend Christine from Cinque Terre Trekking (an expert on our trails) also recommended the following trails if you are wanting more of a hiking experience (versus walking alongside the road for part of the time). Keep in mind she’s in Manarola so if you’re leaving from Riomaggiore you’d flip these:

      “For those that want to do a longer hike, I suggest 506-502-530-501 or else 506-506V to Groppo-532C to Corniolo-532-530-501.”

      I hope this helps! And not to worry, there are lots of other trails leaving from Riomaggiore if you are avid hikers and want to get lots of hiking in. 🙂

      Take care!


  5. Thank you very much for this information!
    I’m a last-year Belgian tourism and recreational management student, creating a tourist product about the Cinque Terre for my thesis (deadline day 16/08, one week gastronomy/active trip). The Beccara trail #531 was included in my program as I thought it was the only trail connecting Manarola and Riomaggiore since the Via dell’Amore was shut down. Do you happen to know any kind of alternative?

    Kind regards


    (btw your website has been a huge help for me)


    • Ciao Jens!

      You’ll see just above in the comments section that I replied to another reader with the alternative routes. They obviously aren’t as direct as the Beccara but if one is really wanting to hike (versus taking the train, ferry or bus) to Manarola from Riomaggiore (or vice versa) it’s the best way for now. 🙂

      Good luck with your thesis! I’m happy to have been of help with your research. 🙂

      Take care,


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