PARKING: More public parking garage options in La Spezia 

15 thoughts on “PARKING: More public parking garage options in La Spezia ”

  1. Your blog has been very helpful. I just want to double check…we are driving from Lucca to La Spezia to park and take the train into Cinque Terre National Park. We are interested in the Cinque Terre train card that allows hiking, train access, guided tours because we plan on the combination of available access. I’m assuming we can buy the Cinque Terre Combo Card in La Spezia to take advantage of that being part of our transportation by train from La Spezia into Cinque Terre? Is there any advantage to buying the card in advance online ahead of our trip. We leave for Italy on Sept. 12th from Austin, Texas and don’t have Cinque Terre on the itinerary until Sept. 16th. Thank you so much for the response.


    1. Ciao Christine!

      Yep, you’ll want to buy the multi-service Cinque Terre Card (also called the Cinque Terre Treno Card) for €16 per day, per person. You can buy (and use!) the card at La Spezia Centrale because it is encompassed in the card.

      The benefit of purchasing your card in advance is to avoid a potentially long queue at the National Park Info Point. Also, you’d want to purchase your card in advance if you plan on starting out prior to 8am (which is when the Info Points open).

      I hope this helps! Enjoy your time here in the Cinque Terre!



      1. Thank you very much.

        For some reason I am unable to reserve a parking spot at the train station from now thru September 1st. So we have to hope the other parking lots are empty!


  2. Thank you for writing this piece up on the parking situation. We are making a long drive to La Spezia in 2 weeks from Tuscany and planning to catch the CT train. Question for you – Are these 2 lots often full? I tried booking parking spots at Centrale Rail Station but the website says you cannot reserve for a space until Sept 1st. I don’t want to get there and not have a place to put the car! Thanks in advance for your help.

    – Will


    1. Ciao Will!

      The parking beneath the La Spezia Centrale station is almost always full during prime time in peak-season. The other garages can be full at times, but it’s a rather rare occurrence in comparison. 🙂

      Hope this helps!



  3. Christine this is one awesome post. Thank you so much for doing it in one lot. You have simplified the process and feel confident of driving fromOrentano to La Spezia and catching the train to Monterosso for a daytime cruise.
    Now for the train ride!
    Ross from Australia


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