Village spotlight: MANAROLA

5 thoughts on “Village spotlight: MANAROLA”

  1. Chose this as our final village (out of the 3 on one day) to visit, basically because of the classic view from Punto Bonfiglio in late afternoon when the sun was going down. Although it was a bit overcast in the afternoon, by the time we where in Manarola the clouds opened up a bit allowing some nice evening sun to shine over the village. Not the most epic evening, but certainly a real pleasure to have been there at that time.

    As you can imagine there were lots of people there taking the exact same image of Manarola, but we ended up chatting with both amateur and professional photographers from all over the world, which was really nice. While I was taking pictures, Trystan had a ball playing at the nice play gound – so definitely a win-win situation and another good tip! (we did however left the bar aside :))

    We left at around 20:15u to catch the train back to La Spezia (as it was getting a bit late for our boy).

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  2. Hello Amy, we just decided to go to Cinque Terre, what a beautiful place, I want to hank you , all your information is clear and very helpful, very much appreciated, can’t wait to be thre oct 01, 2017


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